Before you can score,” goes the Greek proverb, “you must first have a goal.” This is true in life, and it is doubly true in selling. Set proper goals for yourself and adhere to them, and your sights will be set. You will be on target. Lacking goals, the natural tendency is to flounder. If you need help setting goals, enlist a mentor or your supervisor to brainstorm. Be realistic about timing. Periodically review your goals and adjust them if necessary. Above all, never confuse setting goals with achieving them.

Rather than being daunted by a $100,000.00 sales target, consider breaking it down into tidbits. For example, a sales goal of $100,000.00 breaks into as little as converting $625.00 per hour. Small steps make the goal achievable, and your manager, support staff, and those around you are in place to help you best achieve your goal.


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